Green Smoothie

Nutritional Powerhouse and Weight Slimmer

FINE Green Smoothie is comprehensive two-in-one package that brings the best of both worlds into a single delicious smoothie: nutrition and dieting. A nutritional powerhouse, our smoothie brings the world’s finest fruits and vegetables right into your hands – all 219 of them. Packed with 11 different vitamins, calcium, magnesium, ion, and fiber, our Green Smoothie is ready to start your day off with maximum energy.

On top of keeping your nutritional bases covered, our Green Smoothie manages and maintains your diet and weight. Every serving is packed with 9500mg of fiber in order to boost digestion, making you feel satisfied and full, free of cravings. All the while, we managed to cram everything into a slim 55-calorie serving.

A Smoothie a Day with Endless Combinations

FINE Green Smoothie’s instant mixed-powder form ensures you enjoy your smoothie exactly the way you like it. Enjoy your Green Smoothie in its standalone form or add it into your favorite morning smoothie recipe to accent your smoothie with a sweet, juicy boost. Enjoy it without a blender by mixing it in your favorite beverage of choice, whether it be plain water, milk, or other juices. For the adventurous, add it to your favorite yogurt or ice cream recipe to give it that fruity flavor kick.

Never skip a meal again and never miss another fruit or vegetable. Take it with you everywhere you go – work, travel, exercise, or play. Start your morning routine right feeling refreshed, light, and full of energy!