Kelp Root

Kelp Root Extract is a combination of Kombu Kelp Root Powder with Mekabu Fuccoidan, a poly-saccharide extract of Kombu added for nutritional support. Popularly called the 'King of Sea Vegetables', Kombu from FINE Kelp Root Extract is grown and harvested on the oceans bottoms off Northern Japan. Its roots have 10 - 15% more nutrition and 20 times more fiber than its leaves or stem. FINE Kelp Root Extract contains a full spectrum of kelp nutrients. Kombu contains quality dietary fiber, plant source iodine, and many other sea minerals vital to the body in its ability to maintain overall health. We believe that the synergistic effect of these nutrients in this natural kelp source is crucial and beneficial.

Alkaline ocean minerals found in kelp along with iodine, dietary fiber, and sodium alginate (alginic acid) help promote normal bowel movements with its high-quality fiber.

Consumption of greens–particularly sea greens–can help to off-set this condition. For a healthy diet, we suggest you try FINE Kelp Root Extract today.