Skin Care

Perfect skin, hair and nails begin with Hyaluron, collagen and CoQ10. Add vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix and you have Fine’s dynamic rejuvenating formula “Hyaluron and collagen”

Low molecular size, fish peptide collagen gives maximum absorption in the easiest to take of all the animal collagens. Fish collagen and elastin broken down to these basic building blocks are light and easy for the body to use for cell building. Collagen provides the strength to our cells while elastin makes skin flexible.

Hyaluron (hyaluronic acid) among other things, provides the moisture to a skin cell and the fluid vital to healthy joints, and the fluids in the eyes. Others take it from the combs of chickens or turkeys; Fine grows it hydroponically and extracts it for purity and quality. This makes fish the only animal ingredient. Active CoQ10 boosts energy and digestion, providing the energy source for the cell to build its complex life. Blended with theses superior vital ingredients, are Vitamin C, Biotin, and Pearl Coix to complete our classic skin-replenishing formula.

Because Hyaluron & Collagen is a complete skin-formula designed to combat aging skin by rebuilding youthful, firm, beautiful skin, hair and nails it can reverse time bringing firmness, moisture and youth back to the cells – all with just a drink a day.

Add it to your favorite beverage of choice, cold or hot. Customize it with your favorite smoothie, yogurt, or cereal. Restore elasticity,

It is important to remember that with poor digestion, or after 30 years of age our bodies start to lose the production of collegian, elastin, hyaluronic acid and CoQ10. For this reason supplementing with quality, easy to assimilate forms of those vital building blocks is vital.

Hyaluron & Collagen is a complete skin formula designed to reverse aging skin (drying, scaling, wrinkling, sagging, blotting) by rebuilding youthful, firm, beautiful skin.

  • The balanced formula will support an aging person in the rebuilding of virtually any body cell.
  • The Collagen and Elastin are from a Poly-peptide, fish source for ease of absorption and use
  • The Hyaluronic acid is created in fermentation and not taken from chicken combs as is in most products
  • The Pearl Coix is a renowned support of skin, hair, joints and stomach.
  • The product dissolves instantly, has almost no flavor and can work in a variety of foods or beverages hot or cold

We know that collagen alone is not enough – it takes a complete formula to build even one cell. However, collagen is a major protein component in the human body (approximately an entire quarter of the proteins in the body are composed of collagen) and collagen maintains the strength and flexibility of not only skin, but connective tissues, ligaments, bones, joints, muscles, tendons, gum, teeth, eyes, blood vessels, nails, and hair. Collagen makes up 70% of the skin. As we age, collagen production slows down and loses its firmness and radiance. Signs of aging such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, dryness, and sagging all reflect the body’s loss of its ability to build and maintain healthy collagen production. FINE Collagen is known for its small molecular size making it compatible with the basic components of the body’s own collagen  helping the body replenish and boost collagen cell turnover, making younger-looking and firmer skin. Its premium quality, give FINE Hyaluron & Collagen greater absorption and efficiency than other collagen products.

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