Fine Pro Sports Drink Powder (Lemon flavor)


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Hydrate fast and great taste.. Fine USA now has a great sports drink for every athlete.

10 - pouches of 40g of lemon flavored water- electrolytes for one liter of water

Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, glucose), brine / acidulant, vitamin C, chloride K, perfumes, particulate silicon dioxide, a sweetener (acesulfame K), lactic acid Ca, carbonate Mg, leucine, valine, isoleucine

Use: Stir well put 1 bag (40g) the total amount on liter of water




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Fine Pro Sports Drink Powder Hydrate fast and great taste. Fine USA now has a great sports drink for every athlete.
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Customer Reviews

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Buying this again!

My legs cramp (cramps) in the middle of the night, so I heard that sports drinks are effective, but considering the energy, I tried various things and it became this product. This is my second order. The lemon taste is good, and my legs don't get cramped in the middle of the night. The purpose of use may be slightly different, but I think it is effective in adjusting internal balance. I love that its zero calories.

My favorite drink

I love this drink. I started to buy this because my dentist told me I’m healing slow for dental implants. After drink this for a week dentist said much better 😀this has electrolytes which human body needs and vitamin C. I can recommend to anyone who wants to boost immune system. My parents love it too. Everyone better drink this for reducing risk of catching virus!!!