Weight loss is often top of mind at various points throughout the year. The start of the year brings with it resolutions. The spring brings about a sense of renewal and the reality of fewer layers. Summer often means hiking, visiting the beach and the pool, and fall and winter bring holidays and gatherings. All of these frequently encourage people to pursue weight loss in order to maximize their appearance and feel as though they are at their best. 2023 is no different; with only one of the major weight loss catalysts mentioned behind us, many of us are looking to optimize our weight loss. What better way to pursue weight loss than to incorporate a product many of us consume on a daily basis, anyway? Here, we have identified how to make your cup of coffee work for you, with the 7 best weight loss coffee brands to try out this year. 

What Is Weight Loss Coffee?

Weight loss coffee is a type of coffee specially formulated to help people lose weight. This can be achieved by increasing energy levels, supporting an increased metabolism, and even by improving general health that can indirectly influence the state of an individual's weight. Often, this type of coffee contains components such as green coffee bean extract, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and even natural stimulants known to aid in weight loss efforts.

Some of these coffees may also possess vitamins and minerals designed to improve general health and provide additional benefits. Weight loss coffee is usually designed to be consumed either hot or cold, and some brands encourage users to consume their coffee as a meal replacement or a healthy snack.

Whether you are adding hot water to an instant coffee, or brewing a sachet of tea with flavoring to increase its palatability, weight loss coffee offers more than black coffee, and is often intended to address other health concerns, such as blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and more. 

Benefits of Drinking Weight Loss Coffee

Drinking weight loss coffee comes with the obvious benefit of improving your weight. In addition, however, weight loss coffee can provide a slew of other benefits that can help drinkers feel their best and possess the energy and vitality often necessary to put healthy practices into place. Some of the more common benefits of drinking weight loss coffee include: 

Increased Energy

Weight loss coffee is specifically engineered to offer an energy boost to help consumers stay active and alert throughout the day. When energy levels are improved, it may be easier to engage in healthy habits like cooking healthy food and engaging in physical activity, both of which are valuable parts of achieving and subsequently maintaining a healthy weight and an ideal level of body fat. 

Appetite Suppression

Coffee for weight loss often capitalizes on ingredients known to suppress appetite. To some degree, slimming coffee recipes can help correct an imbalance of high appetite caused by stress or chronic overeating, but they can also be used to offset appetite in order to lower the overall amount of calories an individual is taking in, reducing calories and making it easier to adhere to a healthy diet.   

Improved Metabolism

Coffee for weight loss is already off to a good start by containing caffeine, as caffeine has been linked to improvements to metabolism. An increased metabolism allows the body to burn more calories and fat. Coffee on its own may contribute to preventing weight gain, but coffee combined with other weight loss components can provide a powerful punch.  

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

Coffee for weight loss may also help increase mental clarity and focus. Although this is valuable for life as a whole, it can be especially useful for those who are intent on improving their dietary habits and exercise routine, as both require some degree of focus and mental ability.  

Antioxidant Benefits

Weight loss coffees often contain antioxidants, which are agents of health in the body. Antioxidants are considered agents to improve health because they pair with electrons that have lost their partners (electrons called free radicals) and limit the amount of damage caused by those free radicals. Antioxidants have been linked to improved health, reduced inflammation, and other beneficial properties that can improve the appearance of hair and skin and increase the efficiency of other bodily processes such as weight loss.  

Top 7 Weight Loss Coffee Brands to Try in 2023

Now that we have identified the manner in which coffee for weight loss acts as a metabolism booster and supports energy and metabolism, we can move on to identifying the exact brands and companies that are providing the best weight loss coffee on the market. These include: 

fine usa green tea and coffee

Fine USA Green Tea & Coffee

"Welcome to the Combined Power of Catechin Chlorogenic Acid"

Do you love coffee and green tea and want to combine the benefits of both? Our Green Tea & Coffee blend is a coffee for weight loss that seeks to deliver the best of both worlds, and combines the immense benefits (and comfort) of coffee with the many health benefits and weight loss boons of green tea extract. 

Our formula is a non-GMO option, packed with catechins, chlorogenic acid, and caffeine. With only 1-3 packets per day (and either hot water or cold water added), users may witness a substantial change to body weight. Used with or without creamer, and consumed hot or cold, Fine USA's Green Tea & Coffee is less bitter than regular coffee, and can elevate both the content and the taste of your morning coffee. 


Puroast Low Acid Coffee

Puroast is a premium coffee, rather than a dedicated weight loss coffee option, but it is included here because this particular cup of coffee can limit the negative effects of coffee, including gastrointestinal issues and upset stomach, and even boasts a smoother taste. Studies of Puroast determined that this coffee brand option has 70% less acid than other coffee brands, and possesses 7 times the antioxidants of green tea. 

The contribution of Puroast to weight loss comes in the form not of dedicated weight loss attempts, but is instead a possible benefit to weight loss efforts because it offers antioxidants to limit pain and inflammation, and reduces or eliminates the most common issues associated with coffee.  

Rapidfire Keto Coffee Pods

Created in the vein of Bulletproof Coffee, Rapidfire keto coffee pods are pods that include MCT oil and butter in their ingredients. According to Rapidfire, their coffee pods are designed for anyone pursuing the ketogenic diet, providing coffee with a kick of MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and Himalayan salt. These ingredients have been identified as potential triggers for improved weight loss efforts, as well as providing a source of healthy fats. 


Ground Coffee by Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic Coffee is perhaps most famous for its stance as a premium coffee with an extra boost of antioxidants thanks to the mushrooms included in the Four Sigmatic formula. Included in this particular bag of Four Sigmatic is organic Honduran coffee, chaga mushroom extract, and organic lion's mane mushroom extract. These mushroom blends have ties to improved cognition and immune support, both of which possess carbohydrates packed with nutrients, in order to curb cravings.  



Nature's Craft Coffee Bean Extract

Rather than providing the weight loss benefits of coffee with a regular coffee cup, Nature's Craft provides the benefits of coffee and supports energy & metabolism without having to alter or shift your typical morning cup of coffee. This extract is made using unroasted beans, creating a green coffee extract with the antioxidants and energy boost of standard coffee, while also potentially curbing appetite. Providing high-quality ingredients is simple with Nature's Craft, as the extract is made up of nothing but green coffee beans. 

Rapidfire Ketogenic High-Performance Instant Coffee Mix

RapidFire Ketogenic High-Performance instant coffee mix is a form of keto-friendly coffee that is also said to act as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Rapidfire's coffee supports energy & metabolism through its inclusion of MCT oil, a type of fatty acid that has long been considered a metabolism booster and a significant contributor to weight loss goals. Rapidfire Ketogenic fair trade instant keto coffee mix does use organic coffee and is free of artificial flavors.  


VitaCup Slim Coffee Pods

VitaCup's slim coffee pods are said to be designed for coffee lovers who are intent on losing weight. VitaCup claims to accomplish this through a blend of ginseng, garcinia cambogia, a B vitamin complex, and dark roast coffee. The combination of these ingredients are said to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The pods themselves are recyclable, which can please consumers interested in limiting environmental waste. Acting as an appetite suppressant and a strong boost of caffeine, VitaCup has a line of coffees to target many different goals. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Weight Loss Coffee Brand

Selecting the right weight loss coffee brand is not necessarily an easy task: most claim to provide smooth flavor and high-quality ingredients, and many of them may initially look like an excellent option for your weight loss goals. Nevertheless, to find the best fit for you and your needs, you should take all of the following into account: 

  • Quality of ingredients used
  • Taste and flavor profile
  • Price point
  • Caffeine content
  • Nutritional value
  • Certifications and accreditations
  • Customer reviews and testimonials

Provided that all of these considerations are taken into consideration and all components are present, you have likely found an option to suit your goals. 


Whether it offers special enzymes said to help you lose weight, or it provides a boost of antioxidants by combining green tea and coffee, weight loss coffee can help people pursue a more effective means of supporting weight loss, as many people already include coffee as part of their daily ritual. While a weight loss coffee cannot take the place of other lifestyle practices that support healthy weight--a robust diet filled with healthy, whole foods and regular movement, for instance--weight loss coffee can help improve energy levels, increase focus, and support existing efforts to both lose and maintain weight.


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