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Frequently asked questions

Why buy from FINE USA? I've never heard of you.

We know the supplement industry is oversaturated with low quality products and can be overwhelming.

Even though we are not well known in the US, we have won numerous awards in Japan, China and Thailand as being some of the best health and beauty products available.

We have been doing all of our manufacturing and research in house for over 40 years and only use the best ingredients possible.

What's inside your products?

We promise you quality, consistency, and integrity in our products as it is our pleasure to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

FINE holds the highest nutraceutical, food, and cosmetic production certifications: ISO9001, GMP, and Organic JAS.

Wherever possible, our products are certified organic or non-gmo, and where it is not, we apply the highest standards in producing or obtaining quality pure ingredients. Passing certification is only the beginning qualification of the standards we require for ourselves. We are constantly testing for molds, pesticides, and toxic impurities, and formulating products that are considered by our clientele as among the finest foods and supplements available in the world.

Do your products really work?

Yes! With over 40 years of research we have fine tuned our products to ensure they are consistenly show results. Just read our reviews!

Why are some products so expensive?

We understand that there are seemingly more affordable products - that don't end up producing results and are a waste of money. Our products are made for quality and results that are well worth the investment in your health.

Is your product made in Japan?

Yes, all of our products are made in Japan then imported to our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.

Do you manufacture in Japan or US?

We manufacture all of our products in our own facility in Osaka, Japan.

What kind of sugar do you use for your products?

We use Stevia when needed but most products are sugar free. Please check ingredients if you are sensitive to sweeteners.

What type of Collagen is used for your Hyaluron & Collagen?

We use responsibly sourced, non-gmo marine collagen because it is easier for you to digest and absorb then bovine collagen.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! International shipping rates may apply. Please double check your address when ordering.

Do you have wholesale prices?

Yes, click on the Wholesale link at the footer of our website and fill out the application.