since 1974

Combining Ancient Japanese Wisdom with Modern Science

Fine USA is a family owned, award-winning beauty and wellness company that provides best selling supplements globally. Our products, from research to manufacturing, are all done in-house for 50 years. Find out more about what we represent here.

FINE USA Trading Inc.

FINE is an award winning nutraceutical company based in Osaka, Japan.

What is that?

A nutritional supplement company with the same certifications and standards for manufacturing as a pharmaceutical company. We maintain GMP and ISO9001 certifications. That means our in house system creates only the best quality products available.

We are proud to use only organic or non-gmo, responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients and our sustainable packaging is always recyclable. Caring about your wellness and the wellness of our environment is our passion.

Our US office is based in Southern California where we strive to bring you only the best of what Fine Japan has to offer in beauty and wellness from within to promote longevity and improve quality of life.

Nobutsuna Sasaki, President C.E.O of FINE JAPAN

When I was a child, the supplement industry was very small with overpriced products and was viewed as an industry that you couldn't trust.

Many customers bought supplements without the exact idea of what the product was or how effective it would be. The importance of the nutritional supplements gradually got more recognition in Europe and USA, and before it finally started to grow in Japan.

​Our company has a 50-year-old history which is quite long as a manufacturer in the supplements industry. Many companies have joined to this industry after the year 2000, including major companies, saturating the market with low quality products that don't always work.

Our mission has always been to have the best ingredients for consistently effective high quality supplements. Because looking and feeling your best should be easy.

Yoshimasa Sasaki, Founder & Chairman

For 50 years at FINE we have created high-quality and efficient health and beauty supplements, using the best manufacturing technology with our meticulous extraction processes and blending facilities.

The company was started in the garage with just a single product, with our first big product being the Coix Seed Extract that we still make today. Since then we have branched out all over the world to share our Japanese longevity with the world. We promise you quality, consistency, and integrity in our products–it is our pleasure to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

FINE holds the highest nutraceutical, food, and cosmetic production certifications: ISO9001, GMP, and Organic JAS.

Wherever possible, our products are certified organic, and where it is not, we apply the highest standards in producing or obtaining quality pure ingredients. Passing certification is only the beginning qualification of the standards we require for ourselves. We are constantly testing for molds, pesticides, and toxic impurities, and formulating products that are considered by our clientele as among the finest foods and supplements available in the world.