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*New Look!* Looking for a clean source of energy? Our Green Tea and Coffee blend is perfect for you! Clean energy produced from our proprietary blend of green tea extract and cold brewed coffee has a great taste that isn't as bitter as most coffees. 

This product comes in individual powder packets, making it easy to enjoy hot or cold, and tastes great with or without any sweetener or creamer you may decide to add.

Plus, our unique formula provides more health benefits with catechins, chlorogenic acid and caffeine.

The non-GMO coffee contained in this product is instantly frozen and ground at the super low temperature of -196 Degrees Fahrenheit in order to retain its original rich flavor.

 Try Fine USA's Green Tea & Coffee today and feel the difference!

Product Info
● LOSE YOUR WEIGHT only by drinking Green Tea & Coffee Diet ● HOW TO TAKE: stir 1 packet a day with hot (150-300 ml) or cold water (250-300 ml). HOWEVER, we do recommend taking 3 sticks a day for better results. To see the result you may need 2-3 courses. ● TARGET: busy people who don't have time to go to the gym ● Please talk to your doctor before taking the product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or having treatment
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Second order

I don't drink black coffee usually but I like the taste of this. Even though you don't drink coffee you can enjoy it.

I am not sure this product really help to lose weight but I am sure it gives you energy and it is good for your irregularity.

Kim Ortiz
Great taste!

I've been taking this for several months. I love the taste and it's easy to make. It's a unique flavor with green tea and coffee put together. I like ordering from this site because the customer service is great and there is a returner's discount. Amazon messed up my order one time and ever since, I order here instead.


If you are a coffee lover this coffee is great, flavor is light and gives you enough boost to get your day started. I love that it did not make me jittery and I couldn't even taste the green tea in it.

Focus & Energy that's better then just coffee.

I don't like black coffee by itself but this combination with green tea makes it a lot less bitter so I can actually drink it by itself. I love the clean energy with no crash, no jitters and the focus I get is worth it alone. I highly recommend this.

More energy

When I read the description of this product "for busy people who don't have time to go to gym", I knew this was a product for me :) It comes in individual foil "sticks" and is very easy to use: just cut a stick open, pour the contents into a cup and add hot or cold water. I like my coffee hot, so I use hot water. The powder is very fine and mixes well with no sludge, sediment or residue on the bottom. It's easy to drink, but the taste takes some getting used to: it's bitter, with distinct tea flavor, although it does resemble coffee. I take it with a splash of milk.
I'd like to believe that it is working: I definitely feel more energy!