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FINE Kelp Root Extract  is a sea greens supplement formula  that is made from Japanese  kelp root (kombu) with mekabu fucoidan (an extract from kelp)  that is grown and harvested on the ocean bottom south of Korea. Kelp root has the highest concentration of minerals in the ocean, and richest in the world in iodine, which makes it a vital supplement for Americans, 96% of whom are deficient in this vital mineral and suffering from the disease caused by iodine deficiency.

Fine’s kelp root is the finest source of natural – plant source – iodine in the world. For 3 reasons. A. it is. 90% sodium (salt) reduced allowing you take high doses for iodine deficiency.

  1. It is concentrated to increase the natural amount of iodine many time. It has the highest amount of iodine available in a natural plant source. Providing 1000% of normal RDA iodine
  2. It has Mekabu Fucoidan a Poly-saccharide extracted from kelp (widely hailed as a powerful immune system support) is added for additional nutritional support. The dietary fiber sodium alginate in FINE Kelp Root Extract promotes colon health and normal bowl movement.

The reduced sodium provides a healthy sodium potassium balance even when taken in larger amounts as may be recommended by a health professional for deficiency treatment. Especially rich in Potassium and Iodine, Kelp root extract also contains Magnesium and Calcium, alkaline minerals that help maintain the body’s natural alkaline blood balance.  

If you had a baby and can’t lose the gained weight? Your thyroid may have given all its iodine up to breast milk to protect the baby’s brain development and now you are out and your metabolism has slowed down. Fibrocystic tumors in the breast? Take iodine and kick the toxins out of the breast receptors.

The A B C of why enough iodine is so vital today?  

  1. 96% of Americans Tested are Deficient – leaving their iodine receptors wide open.
  2. The two-fold health crises of iodine deficiency: – What is missing and what happens. Iodide is a Halide (a type of mineral). At least one ion of iodide belongs in all the body’s cells, if that is missing, the empty receptors fill up with the other halide ions, which are very available.
  3. Those others are 1. Chloride, 2, Bromide, 3 Fluoride, 4 Radioactive iodide.

These are all very bad actors in the body when this situation happens.

They distort tissue and cause disease while in the iodine receptors they don’t belong to. The only thing that will kick them out of those receptors, and out of the body, is the intake of iodine. This makes iodine deficiency is a health crises that is easily cured and can be devastating if not.

In a small tablet form it is easy to take. Just  5 small  tablets of FINE Kelp Root provide an average of 2 mg. of Plant Source Iodine, many more minerals, kelp benefits and the co-factors that support the body.

Eating kelp, or taking kelp tablets from whole kelp, will provide only a hundredth of this and with a severe condition, several times this 5 tablet amount is needed for a treatment to restore normal function to the body and eliminate the toxins of years of deviancy. Kelp root tablets from Fine are a food and as such taking large amounts will have no negative effect on the body.

As much as 100 times the amount that is in “iodized salt” is recommended by these doctors for optimum health.

Bothe doctors agree a woman toady in America need approximately 12 milligrams of natural iodine a day.

In his book Iodine and Breast Cancer, Doctor Derry says of iodine deficiency, “It is the most easily corrected chronic problem in America!” and of iodine in general . . . “ Iodine is vital in Breast Milk. Lack of iodine during pregnancy is the leading cause of intellectual impairment in infants. Iodine is virtually nowhere in our food. We now intake 50% less than just 30 years ago.

Well over 4,000 patients have been tested in my office and 96.5% have been found to be deficient. (In iodine) Dr Flechas (the owner of FFP labs) has now tested over 21,000 patients and his results are consistent with mine. D.B. Every cell and every fluid of the body contains iodine. D.D.

Iodine concentrates in all of the trillions of cells of the body. Not only does it concentrate in the thyroid and breasts, it also accumulates in the prostate, salivary glands, skin, intestines, and all the red and white blood cells throughout the body. DB

12mb. of iodine has been established as the optimal daily dose of iodine/iodide for the breast ad thyroid gland. However, this may not be adequate to address the needs of the rest of the body. I have often found an effective dose to be somewhere between 12 and 50mg per day. Some may need higher doses, particularly those with cancer. D.B.

Many of the Diseases connected to Iodine Deficiency are life threatening among these are: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Thyroid Disease, Fibrocystic Tumors, Depression.

Japan is extraordinary in that it has the highest daily intake of iodine (from sea weed) and the lowest rates of cancer in the world, thyroid disease, fibrocystic tumors, ovarian cysts and infant mortality. D.D.

Cancer has two phases. The first is controlled by iodine up to the phenomena called “carcinoma in situ” or “occult cancer” (cancer in the body) and thyroid hormone seems to control the second phase, namely the spread of cancer within the connective tissues. D.D.

Japanese women, who consume the highest amounts of iodine per woman in the world, has the lowest rate of stillbirth and prenatal and infant mortality in the world. DD

Iodine is vital for the immune system providing:

  • Protection against single cell disease virus, bacteria, and others:
  • Deactivation of many chemical poisons:
  • Gateway protection in the saliva, sinus, cervical fluids, and urine against infection

Iodine’s antiseptic potency and safety were never equaled or surpassed, as dilute iodine solutions kill all single celled organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. . . also iodine has the broadest range of action fewest side effects and no development of bacterial resistance. D.D.

Iodine and thyroid hormone act as a team to provide a constant surveillance against abnormal cell development, chemicals that are carcinogenic and the spread of cancer cells within the body. DD

It is imperative to have your iodine level checked and supplemented with the correct form of iodine when there is iodine deficiency present as part of an anti-cancer program. D.B.

Product Info
  • Made from Japanese kelp packed with critical vegetable nutrients (popularly known as the  “King of Sea Vegetables”)
  • Solve iodine deficiency: provides 1000% USDV
  • Promote normal bowel movements with high-content iodine, dietary fiber and sodium alginate
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