Green Barley and Chia Seeds | Japanese Aojiru Drink Powder Sachets

Looking for an easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of antioxidants? Then look no further than Fine USA's Green Barley and Chia Seeds Japanese Aojiru Drink Packets!
These packets come in an easy-to-go format and are made in Japan for the highest quality standards. Plus, the nutrients in these drink packets are easy to absorb, making them a great choice for those looking for a healthy snack.
And if that's not enough, Green Barley and Chia Seeds Japanese Aojiru Drink Packets are also low in calories and offer a good source of dietary fiber.
So why wait? Order your own supply today!
  • Comes in easy to go packets so you can add to water or juice where ever you are!
  • Made in Japan
  • Made with Aojiru, Green Barley Grass, Chia Seeds, Chlorella Powder, Bitter Gourd, and Kale with lactic acid bacteria.
  • Easy to drink with a light Banana flavor
  • Vitamins, minerals and fiber are easily absorbed
  • High in antioxidant content
  • Low in sugar content and calories
  • Aojiru is a good source of dietary fiber
Product Info

<li>Vitamins, minerals and fiber are easily absorbed; High in antioxidant content, good for anti-aging; Low in sugar content and calories.
<li> Aojiru is a good source of dietary fiber that may help you prevent constipation as well as increase your metabolism, give you lustrous skin, and boost immunity in your body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Better with water

In addition to its good cost performance, it has almost no powder-iness and is very easy to drink. It's also less sweet, so I think it's better to drink it gulp with water rather than mixing it with milk. It will be my third order on repeat.

Sonya R.
Aojiru that tastes great

I've had Aojiru before and I know that it's supposed to be healthy but taste bad. A Japanese friend told me that this is an aojiru that actually tastes good and since then, I take this regularly. It tastes great. It's a little sweet and you can also taste the bitterness that you expect in aojiru. I would recommend it to anyone!

Great way to have your daily greens..

I have to say that this product is great, not too sweet I couldn't even taste the banana.. My kids love it also, so that's a plus.

I drink this everyday

I was surprised by the light banana flavor, honestly wasn't sure if I would like it but its really good. I like that I am getting way more nutrients in my diet now and the little packets make it easy to take to work or anywhere. It's probably great in a smoothie too but with the lack of time I have I just mix it with water.

perfect green smoothie

I take it with some vegetable and fruits in my smoothie every morning. I know I am getting vitamins, minerals, and fiber and feels s really great !!